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Real estate videos made easy

Coastal Luxury Image's video and podcast studios opens up new possiblities to Brevard's real estate professionals

What We Offer

Video Production

With a full video production studio with green screen, we have unlimited options as to what we can create!

Podcast Studio

Let your voice be heard with our 2 podcast studio options for up to 4 people! You talk, we shoot & edit. Easy peasy.


"Consistency is the key to success." A memerbship ensures you'll be consistent and always have fresh content.

So easy a caveman… you know the rest.

Short Form Video Content made easy

Create an entire month of content all at once. We specialize in vertical short form content such as TikToks and Reels. We help you script each video, shoot them, edit them, add captions and send you the final videos to post.


The best way to create a lot of content in a short amount of time. 

Pro audio (but simple)

No microphone research, equipment reviews, sound proofing rooms… we did all that for you.

4k camera recording

No microphone research, equipment reviews, sound proofing rooms… we did all that for you.

social media clips

Take each podcast episode and make several social media second clips out of it. 


All memberships include access to all 3 studios, listing videos, podcasts, equipment, and editing.
1 production hour equals 1 podcast episode with up to 8 social media clips.

Most Popular Questions

This depends on a lot of variables, however, we aim to do 4-6 vertical short form videos in an hour. With proper pre-planning, we can do even more.

We aim to have all videos back to you within 1 week. This helps to have a good rhythm of shooting and posting to social media every week.

We suggest a team subscription for brands that are looking to make a lot of content with multiple people. Our team membership is based on 8 production hours a month. If you need more than that, we can create a custom plan for you.

It’s rare to be great on camera right away! Don’t worry, we’ll coach you through it and make you feel comfortable. We even have a teleprompter as an option!